Flat Panel-to-Panel:

The Comic Machine allows incredible flexibility in the way you tell your story but the most common method is the panel to panel view that is used by most digital comics which are pulled from flat print art. The Comic Machine however, goes a step further by allowing you to generate live editable text that is on a layer. Not only does it allow you have an infinite amount of text but you can write your comic within the editor in the context of the art.

The following videos will instruct you how to build a flat media page and publish it. Check out the Layered Media tutorials to learn how to create a full fledged Rich Media Comic. Although it’s still an early beta version, we feel this platform has the potential to change the way people create and consume the comic medium.
click on each video’s full screen mode to enlarge.

A1) Flat media comic:
• Setting up and optimizing your browser.
• Chrome browser.
• Full screen mode.
• Zooming in and out.
• clearing data
• Incognito mode

A2) Flat media comics:
• uploading an image
• resizing the image on the canvas
• width vs height proportional scaling
• lock aspect ratio

A3) Flat Media Comics:
• creating motion with Transitions (star and end menu).
• Copy end or start button
• setting the Duration.
• setting Ease In, Ease Out, Ease In and Out
• Opacity

A4) How to achieve timing with the use of delays.
Using negative delay in order to synch layer actions.

A5) Flat Media Comics:
• creating black cropping frames with a PNG-24 “window” image.

right click and select “download linked file” to save black cropping frame image:


A6) Flat Media Comics:
• adding text process
• font size selection
• specifying dynamic, regular and bold weights in text
• creating line breaks in text

A7) Flat Media Comics:
• text editing options:
Align, Padding, Leading, Shape, Tail (pointer), Colours, Border.

A8) Flat Media Comics:
• Saving out the text.
• Text layer transitions.

A9) Flat Media Comics:
• Adding Transitions button
• using the Wait/Next button

A10) Flat Media Comics:
• Text Deletion pattern.
• how text is cleared.

A11) Flat Media Comics:
• Thumbnail Tray
• Adding pages.
• Inserting in-between pages.

A11.5) Flat Media Comics:
• Inserting layers in between existing layers
• Inserting images.
• Inserting text.

A12) Flat Media Comics:
• Misc. features:
• Edit Existing option.
• Preview Comic while in Creation Machine.
• Auto Play Comic while in Creation Machine.

A13) Flat Media Comics:
• Saving and Publishing the comic
• Save and Continue button.
• Save and Publish button.
• Published Gallery.

A13.5) Flat Media Comics:
• Sharing your published comic.
• Share to Facebook.
• Share by email.

A14) Flat Media Comics:
• Upcoming features.
• We need your feedback.