Layered Panel-to-Panel

Your Panel to Panel doesn’t have to be a dull flat comic. With image editing software like Photoshop or Procreate you can retouch your art in order to create layers from existing art. Better yet, create your comic art with layers in mind from the very start to save time. Either way, layers will bring an extra level of animation and life to your project.

These videos will show you how to create a Panel to Panel comic with motion layers and with “Live Text”
We recommend you watch the tutorials on “Flat Panel to Panel” comics first, in particular the first video on “optimizing your browser.”

B1) Introduction: 

Layered Panel to Panel comic creation

B2) File Formats:

What type of file to use for the background and floating layers.

B3) Panel to panel motion and interactivity:

How to use the motion editor to create the zooms and motion to go from panel to panel.

B4) Black Frames:

How to add the black frames to each panel to mask out adjacent panels.

Download the top and bottom frame mask.

Download the side frame mask.

B5) Floating Layers:

How to add layers and create motion and interactivity with them.

B6) Sound Effects:

How to add textual sound effects on a layer.
How to give life to the sound effect by adding motion.

B7) Text Engine:

How to add speech bubbles with the “Live Text” from the text engine.

B8) Preview of finished comic.